About me

Licensed in Biological Sciences (2007) by the University of Valencia, where I began my undergrad collaboration in Geology Department-Paleontology Area. I took part in several excavations, including miocene macro & micromammals (Venta del Moro and Alcoi, mainly) and Dinosaurs.

DEA in Paleontology -as equivalent to MSc- in 2009 by the Autonomous University of Madrid, with the thesis “Sisthematics and functional anatomy of Losillasaurus giganteus Casanovas, Santafé & Sanz, 2001 (Turiasauria, Sauropoda)”.

Since 2007, I’ve been collaborating and working with the FCPTD, and from 2009, I got founding by Education Ministry of Spain in order to complete my PhD thesis about sauropod functional anatomy at FCPTD.

A complete Dino-maniac since childhood, I write about some dinosaur-related topics in my blog “el Pakozoico”.